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Scientific Soapmaking Challenges for Sustainable Soap


Scientific Soapmaking Challenges (Sci-Soap Challenge, or SSC) have been first suggested in August 2012 to substitute "Soap Swaps" (see note below).

Each Sci-Soap Challenge involves choosing a recipe, which those interested will follow to make soap, and then post to the list with comments and opinions on both the procedure, and the results. No soap needs to be physically transferred from one participant to the others - but all those who want to take part in the project have the opportunity to share the same experience and compare notes with other soapers around the world.

As the vast majority of soapers taking part in the First Sci-Soap Challenge have been keen to put to the test "as sustainable as possible" soap recipes, this Scientific Soapmaking project is also an opportunity to challenge "common" soap recipes and experiment with local and low environmental impact ingredients. (Typical of Natural Soapmaking to come up once again with a ground breaking, stellar idea! :-)

Because this procedure follows the "scientific method" principle, the results of each Sci-Soap Challenge will help verify each soaper's experience, and define more generally valid guidelines for new soapmakers.

Recipes can be suggested by anybody from the Natural Soapmaking community (mailing list). Also accepted are requests for special types of soap you've always wanted to try but never had the opportunity to; soap recipes for scientific soapmaking challenges can of course be chosen among those included in the Natural Soapmaking Soap Recipes resource.

Information on current and past SSC - Sci-Soap - Scientific Soap Challenges is available from the following pages:

First Scientific Soapmaking Challenge: list of participants (August 2012) - currently running
• Recipe submitted to SSC01: Low salt, coconut-free Salt Soap recipe: a greener, more sustainable version of the "common" Salt Soap bar

Want to join in?
Just post to the list if you're a member, or
join the list first if you're new to Natural Soapmaking.

Hugs and bubbles :-))


Soap swaps (ISS) have been great fun and have given us plenty of ideas for new recipes. Because of where our members live, swaps have also required quite a lot of work to overcome significant logistic hurdles, including enormous distances between participants and growing postage costs.
These days, with our focus shifting towards sustainability, self-sufficiency and local markets, while many of our soapmaker members get increasingly poor due to global economy pressure, international swaps have become obsolete, yet very nice memories :-)

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