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Soap Naturally - Ingredients, methods and recipes for natural handmade soap. An essential reference book for soap and toiletries makers of all levels.

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“Soap Naturally – Ingredients and methods for natural handmade soap”
is now available in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Americas.
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About the Natural Soapmaking email mailing list

The Natural Soapmaking mailing list (formerly known as Soap Naturally or SoapNatch), based in Australia for the enjoyment of Australian and international soap and toiletry makers, focuses on handmade soapmaking and skin care products that are good for the skin and respect the environment. Soapers and toiletry-makers from around the world, both expert and beginners, get together on Natural Soapmaking to exchange ideas, experiences and opinions, as well as to help each other in the problem-solving department.

Technically speaking, the Natural Soapmaking mailing list is a private email discussion group, which is accessed through your email program and (if available) your own Webmail. Unlike publicly hosted mailing list services, such as those offered by Yahoo Groups, there is no Web interface to Natural Soapmaking: this means you may not be able to access and post to the list from the list’s own Website, as all posts (messages) are privately exchanged between list members. As customary with email mailing lists, you will start receiving messages from the list as soon as the subscription process is completed. The confirmation message you receive at this point contains further details on how this list works.

Here’s a summary of our operating charter:

If you want to talk about natural soap and skin care products, this is the right place to be!

…so come along, and let’s talk soap! :-)

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