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The Natural Soapmaking Handbook: how to make soap... any way you like

The Natural Soapmaking Handbook: how to make soap... any way you like

Authors: Patrizia Garzena, Marina Tadiello

Book details:
Format: 234 mm high x 153 mm wide
Page extent: 160 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9874995-0-9 [9780987499509]
Language: English
First published: March 2013
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$19.90 (Australia)
$19.95 (United States of America)


The Natural Soapmaking Handbook:
all you need to know to create your own as natural as possible handmade soap

Starting with fundamental ingredients, additives, tools, equipment, safety precautions and workplace setup, the Handbook covers all modern handmade "paste" methods to manufacture as natural as possible, skin-soothing, eco-friendly, sustainable soaps.

Cold Process (CP), Discounted Water CP, No-Heat Applied CP, Hot Process (HP), Double Boiler HP, Oven HP, Crockpot HP, Microwave HP, CPOP (Cold Process Oven Process) and In The Mould HP are accurately illustrated in easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Advanced techniques for specialty soaps range from liquid soapmaking to milk, butter and honey soap; from layered and swirled soaps to composite soaps and embeds.

Clear instructions for reclaiming, reshaping and rebatching all kinds of soap complement the authors' super-accurate troubleshooting guide to making the most of every batch.

As precious gems scattered along the book, you will be able to discover the truth on soda ash, lye-free soap and other common misconceptions in crisp "Soap myth buster" sections.

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The Natural Soapmaking Handbook: how to make soap... any way you like. Super-Naturally series, Making soap... naturally. The ultimate soapmaking book for soap makers of all levels.

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The Natural Soapmaking Handbook: how to make soap... any way you like
is the first volume in the Super-Naturally series about Making Soap... naturally
All books in the Super-Naturally series are locally available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe.
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