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Cosmetic grade colours for soap: oxides and ultramarines available in Australia

Pricing (Australian dollars)

Cosmetic grade pigment Colour sample 1 Tablespoon
gram weight/tblsp
1 tblsp 5 tblsp 8 tblsp 10 tblsp
black iron oxide   28 $ 2.80 $12.30 $ 19.00 $23.10
red iron oxide   17 $ 1.90 $7.75 $ 11.50 $14.05
yellow oxide (ochre)   11 $ 1.40 $5.30 $ 7.55 $9.10
ultramarine blue   17 $ 2.20 $9.15 $ 14.00 $16.80
ultramarine violet   12 $ 1.70 $6.70 $ 10.00 $11.90
hydrated green oxide   14 $ 2.30 $9.40 $ 14.25 $17.35
titanium dioxide (white)   22 $ 2.10 $8.90 $ 13.60 $16.35
chromium green oxide   25 $ 3.10 $14.00 $ 21.65 $26.45
ultramarine violet II   12 $ 1.70 $6.70 $ 10.00 $11.90

Postage is subject to quantity ordered & weight of course. Also your choice of post office standard parcel or next day delivery (express), and or registered article may apply. Padded post office bag is extra. COD can be arranged if requested.

Weight: Each pigment differs in actual weight, but are packed tightly in 'standard' measuring tablespoons, as much as I can pack in hard and level off. I have included above, as an idea for you, to gauge postage costs, what each tablespoon would weigh. .

Payment method: Preferred payment method is direct credit to my account. Details will be provided upon ordering. Also, refer COD for postage portion.

Using soap colours

All colours are suitable for use in CP and HP soap. It is possible to mix colours to obtain different hues - for instance, blue and red will give purple, and yellow and red give orange. It is also possible to mix colours and titanium dioxide to obtain "pastel" colors.

Use 1 teaspoon of colour (or color blend) per kg of soap for medium-dark colouring.

Usage and blending can be varied to taste. Use less if you desire a paler colouring, water is the medium I have used, you can add it to the soap pot either before trace or after. Some people use it straight added at trace (no pre dilution with water).

Blend it into the soap with the stick blender for an even colouring, or add and swirl for marble look.

Titanium dioxide: I have used this successfully added to the lye water, some settling does occur if the lye water is made in excess advance, solution should then be stirred thoroughly.

Ultramarine violet: two shades available: um violet looks like a purple jacaranda violet whilst the um violet II (new) is a blue looking violet. (At least to me).

If you have any further queries, dont hesitate to ask me :-)
You can contact me directly using the following form if you're interested in Australian made soap and cosmetic grade colours.

I will return your enquiry as soon as possible - I'm usually online every night for a couple of hours.


Sorry to trouble you with the inconvenience of having to type in your email address twice, but being unable to reply to email messages is very frustrating for everybody, and this is the best I can do to make sure I can return your enquiry!

Cheers! - Ersilia

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