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Therese Lott's soap making calculator; standalone soapmaking calculator, excel lye saponification calculator

Therese Lott's soap making calculator

A Saponification calculator to figure the lye and water amount needed for a batch of soap.

Since the chart works by proportion it doesn't matter if you use ounces or grams. There is a regular column for those who need to know the exact amount of lye to use and wish to superfat what they wish, and a second column that shows a 5% superfat figure. I personally use the 5% superfat figures and do not hold any oils out to add at the end. All of my oils are added at the same time.

To use the chart in the "Input Oil" column put in how many ounces or grams of that particular oil you wish to use in your recipe. Then press enter on your keyboard. Work your way down the chart adding in all your oils. Once you are finished, scroll down to the bottom of the chart. You can add in any extra ingredients, recipe notes, etc in the Extra Ingredients section. I would then recommend printing out the chart. Also do a FILE and SAVEAS on your computer and give this recipe a file name. If you keep one blank chart you can use it over and over again for the creation of new recipes.

Decide which column you wish to use, either the Regular Soap or the 5% superfat soap. Then use the amount of lye and water at the bottom of that column in your recipe.

I hope that its helpful to you in your soapmaking. There are several versions available, revised in April 2002. If you feel a new version is needed, please email me.



What the New Sap Calc looks like:

soapmaking calculator screenshot


To save a copy of my calculator to your computer, choose the format you prefer and then do the following:

  • PC (Windows) users: right-click on either the format name (Excel or Microsoft Works) or the corresponding icon, and choose "Save as..." from the popup menu. From this window, find the directory for "My Documents" and save it there.
  • Macintosh users: press the mouse button on either the format name (Excel or AppleWorks) or the corresponding icon, and choose "Save as..." from the popup menu.

A Symbolic Link version (.slk) is provided for any other users. This *should* work with any spreadsheet programs.
For any technical problems with these files, please contact Marina.
soapmaking calculator Excel
soapmaking calculator Microsoft Works
soapmaking calculator AppleWorks (Macintosh)
soapmaking calculator Symbolic Link format (.slk)

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Therese Lott's standalone soapmaking calculator
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