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Natural handcrafted soapmakers:

  • Akua: Cicolatina Handmade & Natural Toiletries - Cavershan, Reading, UK
  • Alex Henderson: Alex's handcrafted soaps - near Macclesfield, SA, Australia
  • Alison Southern: Hidden Valley Handcrafts: Celebrating plants, and seeking purity, harmlessness, playful ingenuity and lovingkindness with colourful cold process soaps made with essential oils; pure, as-natural-as-possible, safe skin care products derived from plants; gifts inspired by our unique Kimberley landscape and culture - Broome, WA, Australia
  • Amy Frank: Navajo Soap - Edgewood, NM, USA
  • Anne Morgan: Anne Lee's natural handmade soaps - Gretna, LA, USA
  • Bel Stephenson: Country Belle Soaps: Bel specializes in sheep milk soaps, felted wool soaps and soaps for special occasions - Mandurah, WA, Australia
  • Bev Van Leeuwen: Soap Sense: soap made and sold locally in Bacchus Marsh, VIC, Australia.
  • Cheryl Moore: Gumnut Cottage Online - Kings Langley, NSW, Australia
  • Chris Morris: Rogue River Soaps - USA
  • Deb Ellis: Yalolowa Handcrafted Products, Olive Oil Soap - Euroa, VIC, Australia
  • Debbie Vidinha: Coconut Coast Natural Products Handmade Soap Co. - Kauai, Hawaii, USA
  • Diane McNelly: Sassy Suds - Escondido, California, USA
  • Franca: Sheer Bliss Natural Soap - Folkestone, Kent, UK
  • Gemma Perano: Soaperb Handcrafted Olive Oil Soaps - Picton, Marlborough, New Zealand
  • Jeannie Sayers: Herb Home - NW Arkansas, USA
  • Jill Jones: Bidwell Botanicals, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Judy Souza: Zealandania - Mount Manganui, New Zealand
  • Kimberley Smith: Handmade Soap by Divinity Crafts, Kirby Le Soken, Essex, UK
  • Kristen Prinzing: Handmade Soap from Lotion Lady - Encinitas, CA, USA
  • Lela Tate: Bella Luccè Globally Inspired Skin Care - Lenoir City, TN, USA
  • Lorene R. Sinclair, Oakgrove Soapourri - Belleville, Ontario, Canada
  • Maggie Hanus: A Wild Soap Bar™ - Manor, Texas, USA
  • Maree Arber: Murringo Body Care: Maree lives in the Hilltops Southwest region of NSW and use locally produced oils and botanics - Murringo, NSW, Australia
  • Marie Chandler-Gale: Chandler's Soaps - Broadbent, Oregon, USA
  • Marina Tadiello: AquaSapone - natural soap, essential oils, soap moulds supplies, natural herbal olive oil soaps - NSW, Australia
  • MaryElaine Chambers: Chambers' Comforts & Soap, Berkeley, MI, USA
  • Melinda Cross: The Handmade Soap Co. - Wales, UK
  • Miriam Kresh: Hills of Galilee, Skin loving soap handcrafted in Safed
  • Nancy Howes: Silky Soap - Finest Quality Handmade Soaps & Toiletries for Discriminating Bathers, Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • Patrizia Garzena: Il mio sapone, centro risorse per gli appassionati italiani del sapone fatto a mano - Biella, Italy
  • Patti Eder: Patti's Potions, artisan soaps, lotions, lip balms, and home fragrance products from Wisconsin, USA
  • Regina (Gina) Shelnut: Fresh Soap and Giansavon - Bauxite, Arkansas, USA
  • Robyn Green: Robyn's Soap House, Luxurious handmade soaps, Castile liquid soap, Olive Oil face, hand and body creams - Donvale, VIC, Australia
  • Sara Oker: Albaverde handmade soaps, palm-free, sustainable soaps from the heart of Andalucia, Spain
  • Sarah Coatman: Suds by Sarah, handmade bar soaps, liquid soap, toiletries, and bodycare products - Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
  • Sharon Gillikin: Alaska Rain Barrel Soap Co., Yakutat, Alaska, USA
  • Shelley Bordeleau: Shelley & Marcel's Web, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
  • Sherry Boester: Wildwood Body Works, Wildwood, MO, USA
  • Shosh Vain: Natural Rosa - Camel Milk Soap - Handcrafted camel milk soap, made of organic camel milk and essential oils - Rishon Letzion, Israel
  • Sue Rodgers: Sue Rodger's Lavender Farm. Handcrafted soaps, skin, bath and beauty products - Toodyay, WA, Australia
  • Synthia Dickens: Synthia's Soaps, lovingly handmade bar soap and liquid soap - Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA. [While Synthia passed away in 2010, she will be fondly remembered for her generous soul and loving spirit. Hers were the instructions, suggestion and support that brought many on this list to master liquid soap. Thank you Synthia: you are in our hearts!]
  • Theresa Anderson: Moon Frog Soaps, Created for the enjoyment of your skin, Aumsville, Oregon, USA
  • Tina Poston: Faerie Made Soaps - Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina, USA
  • Tremaine Amy Frank: Navajo Soap Natural Body Care Products - Edgewood, New Mexico, USA

Specialised soapmaking suppliers:

  • Alison Southern: Hidden Valley Handcrafts: Wide range of pure essential oils, including Australian natives, & some ingredients - Broome, WA, Australia
  • Anne Morgan: Anne Lee's natural soapmaking supplies, soap molds with dividers, base (carrier) oils and butters, soap bases, liquid soap base & paste, and Anne Lee's Australian essential oils - USA (shipping worldwide)
  • Ersilia Vitale: Cosmetic grade colours: oxides and ultramarines - Australia (shipping worldwide)
  • Gina Roberts: Soapcraft Aromatics & More, essential and fragrance oils, cosmetic ingredients, emulsifying wax, preservatives, raw materials, soap base and more! - New Zealand
  • Janice Ferrante: Alchemi Skincare Naturals - Burks Falls, ON, Canada
  • Kelley Perea-Shafer: Soapies Supplies, general Soapmaking Tools and Equipment, Specialized Ingredients, their own Pre-made Bases and Classes - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
  • Lloyd & Sandi Fallshaw: Hawthorn Bay, Australian made silicon molds and soap moulds with dividers - Australia (shipping worldwide)
  • Marina Tadiello: AquaSapone, handmade soap base, information and sourcing advice for Australian essential & base oils, cosmetic ingredients, raw materials - Australia
  • Rebecca Midkiff: DIY Cosmetics, free formulas, detailed instructions and raw materials for colour cosmetics you can make yourself at home.
  • Robyn Green: Robyn's Soap House, soapmaking supplies and raw materials - Donvale, VIC, Australia

If you are a member of Natural Soapmaking (once Soap Naturally), refer to our link exchange policies if you would like to exchange links with us.

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